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Purchase of plot + Construction

Composite Home Loan

Building a home rather than buying allows you to customize it as per your needs. When you want to purchase a plot and build home, it is still in your budget if the plot price is reasonable. For various requirements like plot purchase, labor, supplies, architectural drawings & building material we provide loan at affordable interest rate.

Eligibility Loan amount Repayment Tenure Interest Rate (%)
  1. Salaried or self-employed with minimal proof of income or
  2. Self-employed with no minimal proof of income

Rs. 10 lakh to 1 cr

Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) comprising of principal and interest through Post Dated Cheques/ Electronic Clearance System.

3 to 20 years

Interest Rate (%): 11.75 to 14.75

Loan to Estimated cost of Construction: Up to 80%

Up to 75
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