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Home Extension Loan Service

Financial assistance to extend an existing house by adding additional space/floors.

Eligibility Loan amount Repayment Tenure Interest Rate (%)
  1. Salaried or self-employed with minimal proof of income or
  2. Self-employed with no minimal proof of income

 3 to 20 (INR Lakhs)

Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) comprising of principal and interest through Post Dated Cheques/ Electronic Clearance System.

3 to 10 years

Interest Rate (%): 13.75 to 15.75

Loan to Estimated cost of work to be undertaken (%):  Up to 90 (Loan to Value of property not exceeding 70%)

Up to 75

In cases of self-construction of homes, disbursement will be done based on its stage of construction and construction of house should be completed within 12 months from the date of first disbursement of the loan. Incase of any delay in completion of the construction, loan amount will be downsized, and EMI will be started immediately.

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