Loan Against Property

A home is not just a home, but a great asset too. At IKF Home Finance, we understand this well. And we make it easy for you to leverage your asset to meet some of your life’s needs for financial assistance at unique times. Whether sending your child to her dream college or starting your own business; whether caring for a parent’s health or celebrating a wedding – we will be your partner who will assist you to quickly deal with the financial part, and focus on the ‘real’ part of driving your family through the life event. Take us on board.

Why IKF for Loan Against Property?


We customize our products and assessment models to suit your individual needs.


We support you with competitive interest rates and flexible & borrower-friendly processes.


We commit to maximizing the value for you through ease, transparency, and consistency in service.

Our Loans Against Property:

Loan Against Residential Property

Loan Against Commercial Property

Loan Against Residential Property – Balance Transfer

Loan Against Commercial Property – Balance Transfer